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New windows are a significant investment for your property, and the quality of the results is only as good as the person who installs them. Cardenas Custom Builders, Inc’s experts have been working in the window installation industry for many years. We have installed dozens of unique windows in properties of all shapes and sizes and are committed to providing our Hayward clients with the utmost value for their money. 

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Every homeowner or business owner has a unique set of expectations when it comes to installing new windows. To deliver your customized care, we always begin by conducting an on-site consultation.

During the consultation, we will survey the installation site and gain an understanding of what kind of windows you are hoping to install. We will also provide you with a quote outlining the cost of the services before we get to work. 

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Our Perfect Window Installation Process 

When it comes to new window installation, careful planning is essential. It’s the only way to ensure that your product fits the opening seamlessly. A perfect fit will ensure reliability, safety, security, and climate control. It is no easy task. But lucky for you, our team has developed an installation process that ensures perfect results every time, here’s how we break it down. 


We will begin by removing your current window and the exterior and interior casing that surrounds it. From there, we will prepare the window jam for installation, ensuring there is no structural damage. Our window installation contractor will take a final measurement to make sure that the opening will accurately accommodate the size of your new window.


Before we complete the installation, we will "dry fit" your new window. Dry fitting the product will further ensure that it fits snuggly into the jam. We will not proceed with the installation until we are confident the window fits seamlessly.


To complete the installation, we will run a border of silicone around the edge of the window stop and slide the window into place. From there, we will install the hardware, insulation, and trim around the outside. 

Once we’ve conducted a final inspection, you’ll be able to enjoy your windows right away.

Our Window Company Ensures Quality 

In addition to using the industry’s most trusted materials for your window installation, including professional-grade silicone, our team ensures quality by trusting skilled contractors. 

All our window experts are consistently trained on the best methods and techniques for window installation. We take special care when installing windows and pay close attention to the details every step of the way. 

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Our window contractors are confident that we are one of the best window companies in the area.  See for yourself when you enlist our window installation services.

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